It’s Not About the Water Really

Rieki healers claim that water can be energized through the healing energy of both hands combined with positive thoughts. They refer to Atharva Veda: Book 4: Hymn 13, Shloka 4 and 6 to substantiate the power of Reiki. In crystal healing, elixir is prepared by soaking particular crystals in water for a certain period of time. Similarly, an autonomous research was conducted several years ago to demonstrate how thoughts and intent have a profound healing or destructive effect on the molecular structure of water. There are many variations of the basic principles in which thoughts and charkas’ energy is used to manifest the desired results. However, these results are restricted to mind-body level.

The healing prescribed in the Gita goes beyond mind and body; it transcends the level of psychosomatic diseases. Any treatment, no matter how scientific, if doesn’t awaken the soul is a pseudoscience from the author’s perspective.

The source of both mind and body is material energy. Therefore, not only mind and body are destructible, even while they are ‘alive’, they are bound:

“Material nature consists of the three modes—goodness (Sattva), passion (Rajas) and ignorance (Tamas). When the living entity comes in contact with nature, he becomes conditioned by these modes (BG 14.5).” The material world is in the grip of Krishna’s material energy called Mahamaya who controls this world through the three Modes. The Sanskrit word for ‘mode’ is guna, which also means rope. Therefore, our thoughts and intent, which emanate from the mind, are also conditioned by these modes. Similarly, water being one of the five elements is also conditioned by the three modes. Clean water is sattvik where as polluted water is tamasic. So, can sattvik water heal us perpetually? Or, can any food or medicine sattvik in nature heal us; offer a permanent solution to our physical diseases or psychological issues?

Lord Krishna says, although the mode of goodness is superior to the modes of passion and ignorance, it still binds us to the limitations of the material world. What are the primary limitations of this world? — That this world is temporary and full of suffering (dukhalayamashaswatam). In this world we are trapped in the vicious circle of pain and relative happiness. Lord Krishna reveals (BG 7.14) “This divine energy of Mine, consisting of the three modes of material nature, is difficult to overcome. But those who have surrendered unto Me can easily cross beyond it.”That is, those who make Krishna the center of their lives can go beyond goodness; beyond relative happiness and pleasure. What is beyond goodness? Shudhasattva, unalloyed goodness (that is which is transcendental) which has the divine power to set us free from the cycle of actions and reactions. Only by transcending this cycle can we find uninterrupted joy.

So if water can be energized with positive thoughts and prayers chanted in the mode of goodness, just imagine what would happen if we offer it to Krishna, the Supreme Lord who is the master of these modes? The water will become Holy because when Krishna accepts our offerings, they become transcendental. It will become transcendental because whatever Krishna touches becomes spiritual. So, His charamamrita or holy water can cleanse our mind and body, and its sweetness can help us remember our divine connection with Krishna whose name alone is enough to purify the whole existence, and who Himself is the object of unconditional love.

“Whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you offer or give away, and whatever austerities you perform — do that as an offering to Me (BG 9.24).”

Those who eat food which is offered first to Krishna are released from the bondage of actions and reactions. But if we eat and drink that which is prepared with the intention of immediate enjoyment creates reactions (BG 3.13). Even that which is in the mode of goodness leads to reactions. While such reactions may have positive results, they still bind us in mundane attachment. If one eats healthy food with the sole intent of remaining young, then it will lead only to disappointments.  It’s the law of the nature that one who is young will grow old. If we eat healthy (sattvik) food by first offering it to Krishna, then such eatables not only will give us healthy mind and body, but they will also curtail karmas that result from eating – we become what we eat, as the saying goes. Let’s take the example of eating meat. Eating meat adversely affects us in two ways: first and foremost, we are bound to suffer the results similar to those that a murder will bear. (The animal whose flesh we eat also has a soul.) Second, we acquire the nature of the animal whose flesh we eat. This type of eating can cause a major setback in our spiritual growth and entangle us more and more in the vicious circle of action-reaction.

From Lord Krishna’s teachings we can learn that not just water or food, but everything we do in this world must be first offered to Him. Having said that, can we offer Him just about anything and everything? He doesn’t say so. Only that which is palatable to the Lord of the Senses, Hrishkesha, can be presented to Him. And therefore, only that which He likes should we also like. Err, NO! We should revere what He likes! And when our daily thoughts and activities are in sync with the prescription He has recited for us in His divine song, the Bhagavad Gita, the ropes of Nature will be too short and weak to bind us in their grip; they will have no choice but to set us free. And only such a freedom is true freedom, and only in that freedom we can find eternal joy. And only eternal joy has the capacity to heal us perpetually.


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