Love. Pure Love.

Love keeps changing—
time, place, and convenience govern.
Love loses its lustre
in this shadowy world.

Why have I been looking for love in contaminated hearts?
Where did I learn about love, o my Lord?

You must have sprouted the seed of love,
leaving me free to find its source: You.
You trusted me so much,
but I betrayed You —
I betrayed myself too.

I left this seed to the enemies.
They poisoned its flower
with lust, anger, greed, and envy.

How can i offer You
a poisoned flower?
You, who owns this world,
make a home in tender hearts
that beat only for You.

You said once to a beautiful soul
who returned Home,
“Where were you all these ages.
I have been waiting for you.”,

and in ecstasy
You dropped unconscious.

Who would believe Your intense love?
People only drop drunk on lust.
But, Your lovers do know
what Your love is.

Your lovers dance in the ecstasy
Immersed in the divinity of Your love —
Everlasting. Everincreasing.
Your spellbinding beauty
heightens with timelessness
reflecting Your purity.

As one suffering from jaundice
meets bitterness in sweet,
i have lost the highest taste for your love,
O sweetest of the sweet.

O purer than the purest,
Your lovers have brought me at
Your Lotus Feet —
the only salve for my
self-inflicting miseries.

I’ve arrived at the road
that leads Home.
Hold my hand.
I need Your protection
from the enemies of love
within, without.


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