Return Gift from Gauranga

My experience from the Gaura Poornima day has transformed my consciousness at some level. What level, I don’t know. But here are the changes that have happened since then, and I pray to Mahaprabhu that these changes last, rather I become better and better with each day.

  • I no longer swing back and forth or left and right compulsively during chanting. So the act of sitting still conserves my energy. Although I do get up once in a while to take a walk to prevent severe backache.
  • During chanting, I no longer keep shaking the beads compulsively which used to tire me up. The shaking of beads is a sign of restlessness.
  • My chanting has improved in the sense that i am somewhat more aware of it. More involved than I used to be. This tells me my chanting was really bad since last two years (the first year it was better, though).
  • There is lightness in my heart as if a burden has been lifted. I’ve been feeling quite joyful and blessed.

I’ve been hearing about the greatness of pure devotees, and how they channel Krishna’s mercy. Never ever I rejected this philosophical point, but the blockages in my consciousness prevented me from internalizing this truth. Here are my realizations on this point:

  • A sincere and truly humble devotee like HG Krishnanand prabhu can become a very powerful instrument of Gauranga’s mercy if we follow his or her instructions with enthusiasm and energy.
  • Mahaprabhu lets His mercy flow towards us only through the devotees.

This whole philosophy of channeling mercy through devotee really works! It’s quite serious!


PS: Kanai Priya Prabhu sent this on our Whats App group today:

CC Antya 5.71

when a pure devotee or spiritual master speaks, what he says should be accepted as having been directly spoken by the Supreme Personality of Godhead in the paramparā system.


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