Mercy Points to Remember in the Times of Bewilderment

In the verse 2.62-63 of Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says by contemplating on objects of desires, lust arises, from lust anger, and from anger bewilderment of memory.

So there are times when my memory is bewildered and I lose remembrance of the incidents of mercy that Krishna bestowed upon me.

I pray that in such times I remember to come to this post to feel the gratitude for these small miracles in whose absence my life would have been a mess. In Bg 15.15 Krishna says, “I’m seated in everyone’s heart, and from me comes remembrance, knowledge, and forgetfulness.” Krishna, in difficult times, please give me remembrance of the mercies you have showered on me. And please make me forget the the faults of devotees.

Since I have taken the shelter of Srila Prabhupada:

1. I have found the highest purpose of existence and the means to achieve the purpose.
2. My daily routine has been spiritualized.
3. I wake up early and sleep in time.
4. I eat healthy food sans karmic reactions.
5. I no longer feel lonely.
6. I feel protected.
7. My anger has reduced.
8. I feel empowered to transform myself.
9. Overall quality of life has improved.

Krishna showered a very special mercy by calling back the soul in my mother’s body on the day of Ekadeshi.

Through the 18.66 synchronicity, Krishna called me to ISKCON.

Around the same time He sent The Journey Home to me and I found my guru.

He introduced me to my guru in person in a special way.

To confirm the authenticity of the process, Mahaprabhu blessed me on Gaura Poornima.